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It is our mission to promote the Icelandic Horse in North America via the internet, using the following tools:

The Icelandic Horse Connection website has received an award as the #1 Icelandic Horse Resource on the internet, and we intend to continue to be the #1 Resource. This is the place people come to for information, resources, and links about Icelandic Horses. Our Message Board, Horses for Sale Board, Directories, and Search capabilities are very easy to use and very accessible. They are also unique and cannot be found anywhere else!

The Icelandic Horse Email list has 450+ subscribers and we are constantly working to get the email list address publicized and available for anyone interested. It is a great source of information and contacts for those new to the breed as well as those in the Icelandic Horse business.

The Icelandic Horse Connection website address is included on each post to the Icelandic Horse Email list. The address is delivered into each subscribers home many, many times. On an average, there are approximately 250 messages per week going into 450+ homes, and each post has the URL which points to the website that will contain your advertising.

Advertising on the Icelandic Horse Connection website helps to defray the costs of promoting the Icelandic Horse in North America. We thank the Breeders, Exporters, Trainers, Tack Dealers, Stallion Owners, and others who list their resources on the Icelandic Horse Connection.

Your support helps us to continue the promotion, and will be beneficial to all as well as to your business specifically.

You now have the ability to promote your own business as well as the Icelandic Horse in general by advertising on the Icelandic Horse Connection website

You can list your business on the following:

Your paid advertising will also give you a free webpage at, with an easy-to-remember address such as:

We thank you in advance for supporting our efforts!

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